Assemblize provides capital, strategic planning, professional services and network to impact entrepreneurs seeking to launch or grow an early stage venture. Here are some examples of ventures we have already worked with and some of the new opportunities we have sourced for our members. 

Assemblize(d) Ventures

Annie Bell Fragrances

Helped raise and participated in a $35,000 friends and family round that closed in May of 2017. In addition to raising money, we also provided strategic advice and several partnership opportunities.


Developed and launched the first social impact fund of its kind. Negotiated the terms of the contracts with the businesses listed in the portfolio. Helped identify investors and raise the capital. Advised team with regards to fiscal management of the fund.


Part of a small team that launched  KLC. Created the business plan and raised seed capital. Lead retail and wholesale efforts. Managed the rebranding efforts including new logo and website. Helped finalize the acquisition of KLC by a new group of owners.


Before he became an American Idol "Top 14" finalist had the pleasure of developing a strategic approach for this talented Chicago musician. Assisting with production, marketing and touring.


Took SOAP from concept to minimal viable product (mvp). Lead research and development prior to full launch of the Chicago based social enterprise. Helped finalize the acquisition of SOAP by a new group of owners.

The Stewards Market

Founded the for-impact organization. Lead fundraising, business development and hiring efforts.