Strategic planning

Without a great plan, even the best ideas fall short. By now you have created a business plan that identifies your product, customer and pricing. Now you need to great a customized plan that will bring increase exposure and allow you to become sustainable.


Lead Generation

Whether your business is product based or service oriented, there is a sales component to your success. Developing leads by developing relationships is critical for every business, but especially for a new company. 


Access to Capital

Non profits and for profits both need to raise money. Each business structure has its own language for the process, but it comes down to one thing; it takes funding to move to the next level. 


fiscal management

There are areas of every business that get neglected in the early stages. By bringing on a fiscal manager activities such as bookkeeping and year end audits won't be ignored.

Mobile app & web development

In 2016, it is absolutely impossible to function without a digital presence. Building a new website, enhancing an existing one or adding a mobile application to your model is a wise decision. We have partnered with Blueline Labs to deliver amazing websites and mobile solutions to our clients.

Program Development

As a non profit organization, it is crucial to have a well thought out program to offer you clientele. One of the first things potential donors want to see is a solid program that can be delivered to a significant number of individuals.

Brand strategy

You are an amazing organization, but people don't know that yet. You need to get in front of the people who care about your mission. One of the best ways to build an audience is by developing a strong, inviting brand identity that describes what you are all about.

Capacity Building

When it's time to increase staff, you might need some help. Sometimes it's difficult figuring out where to begin. Where do I go to find talent? Who can I trust with my idea? How can I pay for these new hires? I can help you create the plan.